NOTE: v0.30.1 will be the last planned update for the version of the game. If you'd like to keep getting updates please move to Kongregate, or look for the game on iOS/Google/Steam when it gets released there. Thanks for playing!

Slurpy Derpy is a casual cross-platform creature breeding incremental game. Set up your Derps then leave it running and everything will keep progressing!


You wake up in a convenience store, hundreds of years in the future, to find humanity wiped out, your only companions stupid little creatures called Derps and a host of Gods trying to get your attention.

Bake cookies, research new abilities, conquer maps and evolve to completely new species to discover new worlds and work towards the ultimate goal of creating the most powerful Derps ever!


Replace the King and Queen with Derp offspring that have higher base stats to breed ever-more powerful Derps, unlock game features and reach the ultimate evolutions!

There are a zillion hotkeys for things in-game (like Z/X for promoting/sacrificing). Check out the tooltips on buttons to see what the other hotkeys are.

The game uses WebGL so will likely need Chrome or Firefox to run well. Currently the game is in beta/early-access in order to gain feedback as it's developed.

- ScaryBee

StatusIn development
Made withUnity
Tagsbreeding, cartoon, idle, incremental, webgl
Average sessionA few minutes